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News clipping describing Lt. J. Johnson's narrow escape with death when his fighter's engine suddenly cut out.

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Materials collected from the WWII era are posted here that re-visit many of the historic and heroic events during the battle for Guadalcanal.

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Collection of Stories, Reflections, and Events - submitted by WWII survivors and their families.
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A Tribute to the Cactus Airforce:

I urge all of you to read "The Cactus Air Force" by Thomas G. Miller, Jr.  I would be amazed if you were not deeply impressed by the feats of the men who fought in this campaign. It should be read by everyone who needs to be  taught (or reminded) that victory and freedom do not come easily. Reading that book made me proud to be an American; and proud of the accomplishments of our armed forces. It is to their memory that I dedicate this site.
David Hanson, webmaster

Marine Corps Aces of WWII:

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