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Committee assignments

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Det #302 Contacts:

Mailing Address:

Nittany Leathernecks Det.
P.O. Box 956
Lemont, PA 16851-0956

Mission Statement

The Nittany Leathernecks Detachment of the Marine Corps League (Department of Pennsylvania) is an incorporated non-profit service-oriented fraternal organization composed of active, retired and veteran Marines and Navy FMF corpsmen. The detachment is also composed of associate members who served honorably in other service branches of the Armed Forces of the United States. Members of the Nittany Leathernecks join together in fellowship for the purpose of preserving the traditions and principles of the Marine Corps, and the United States of America, through community support programs within Centre County, Pennsylvania -- and beyond.

Leading by example, the membership is dedicated to voluntarily aiding and rendering assistance to all honorable Marine veterans, as well as their widows and orphans. The detachment attempts to perpetuate "Corps Values" espoused by the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. This is done through fitting acts of community service of the highest order. The Nittany Leathernecks are an incorporated 501 4(c) non-profit organization. All contributions to its various programs are tax deductible.

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Assignments for Year:  2017

Recruiting Toys for Tots Eagle Scout Awards
- Chairman: Sr Vice Commandant
- Members:
- Chairman: Gene Weller
- Members: Robert Johnson,
- Chairman: Robert Johnson
- Members: Jack Oakes, Terrie Henrickson, Denny Nau
Awards Committee PSU NROTC / MCL Marine Corps Birthday Ball Detachment Marine Corps Ball Celebration
- Chairman: Standing Commandant
- Members: None
- Chairman: None - Chairman: Marty Kaschalk
- Members: Jeff Schiesler
Memorial Day Spring Creek Cemetery Color Guard Special Olympics
- Chairman: open
- Members:
- Chairman: Tom Stoner
- Members: Denny Brown, Joe Horvath, Bob Johnson, Marty Kaschalk, Gene Weller, Diane Grieb, Tom Stoner, Jeff Schiesler
- Chairman: Bob Johnson
- Members: Gene Weller, Nittany Leathernecks
United Way Day of Caring Veterans Administration Visiting Service (VAVS) Publicity
- Chairman/Project Leader: Diane Grieb
- Members: Bob Johnson, Gene Weller all Detachment members
- Chairman:
- Members:
- Chairman: Gene Weller
Annual Gun Raffle Quartermaster NROTC / Nittany Leatherneck Leadership Award Program
- Chairman: None
- Members:
- Jeffrey Schiesler - Chairman: Bob Johnson
- Members: Standing Commandant,
Historian Family Picnic Other
- Joe Horvath - Gene Weller, Bob Johnson -open-

Members of Note

  • Leadership
  • Trustees
  • Commandants
  • Marine of the Year

Det #302 Leadership

Det #302 Board of Trustees

The Nittany Leathernecks Board of Trustees was established to provide continuity, as well as a resident base of mature experience, to draw upon by detachment commandants with respect to meeting the challenge of running a progressive organization. The four-person board is appointed by incoming detachment commandants and confirmed by the membership. Members serve in a volunteer capacity with no fixed term limits established. Members of the Board of Trustees select their chairman.

Pencil Icon   Trustee Board Members
Diane Grieb
2009 Richard Kline
2009 Deborak Baier
2009 Glenn Moyer
2009 Gerry Lyons
2009 Robert Johnson
2009 John Borders
2009 Marty Kaischalk
2009 Gene Weller

Det #302 Commandants

Pencil Icon Commandants
Terrie Henrickson 2018
Terrie Henrickson 2017
Terrie Henrickson 2016
John Borders 2015
Marty Kaschalk 2014
Glenn Moyer 2013
Glenn Moyer 2012
Jack Bechdel 2012
Jack Bechdel 2011
Diane Grieb 2010
Diane Grieb 2009
Eugene L. Weller Jr. 2008
Dallas Lykens 2007
Martin Kaschalk 2006
Martin Kaschalk 2005
Charles Snyder 2004
Charles Snyder 2003
Dallas Lykens 2002
Dennis Nau 2001
Dennis Nau 2000
Eugene Weller 1999
Eugene Weller 1998
Jack Bechdel 1997
Robert Johnson 1996
Charles Gahagan 1995
Dennis Mains 1994
Richard Crowley 1993
Leo Robert 1992
Leo Robert 1991
Vaughn Fanning 1990
Art Ridenour 1989
Robert Clodgu 1988
Lynn Hook 1980
Mike Bratton 1974

Marine of the Year

Each year it is the privilege of the Nittany Leathernecks' commandant to select a member he/she recognizes as being the most productive member of the organization during the previous twelve month calendar year. This selection is based on a number of criteria which includes enthusiasm, unselfishness, loyalty and sustained superior performance. Members selected for this honor become eligible for nomination to a similar Department of Pennsylvania recognition.

Pencil Icon  Nittany Leathernecks Marine of the Year
Gene Weller 2017
C. E. Whitehill 2016
Bob Johnson 2015
Glenn Moyer 2010
Martin Kaschalk 2006
Dennis Brown 2005
Dallas Lykens 2004
Robert Johnson 2003
Gerry Russell 2002
Gene Weller 2001
Greg Johnson 2000
Jack Bechdel 1999
Leo Robert 1992 Also Department Marine of the Year 1992