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Toys-for-Tots Program Information

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2017 Corporate Sponsor: Ameriserv

How Can You Get Involved?

The Nittany Leathernecks are always looking for a few good volunteers. Our approach to this effort emphasizes organizational support. But we (indeed) also welcome individual volunteers. The emphasis, however, remains TOTAL community involvement.

Whether you represent an organization or are just an individual trying to make a difference, please contact our Centre County Toys for Tots Chairman, Gene Weller, or his Vice Chairman, Greg Johnson, to see how you can support the program:

Gene Weller
Coordinator,                        Centre County Toys for Tots
Nittany Leathernecks Det.,       MCL
PO Box 956
Lemont, PA 16851-0956
(814) 234-9831 (day)

Travis Corkery 
Assistant Coordinator,              Centre County Toys for Tots Nittany Leathernecks Det.,MCL                                       PO Box 956                         Lemont, PA 16851-0956

Donate to T4T online:

Corporate Sponsorships

CertificateEach year a corporate sponsor helps support the program effort. Sponsorship allows the detachment to maintain its own web site which contains essential information relative to the annual Centre County Toys for Tots campaign.



To donate online, visit the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation Lemont, PA. website.

  • Det 302's T4T Program
  • Program Sponsors, Honorary Chairs, Memorium

Det 302 is especially proud of its program and commitment

Since 1947, the Marine Corps Reserve has annually sponsored the Toys for Tots (T4T) effort throughout the United States. To date, well over 100 million children have had holiday dreams come true through the efforts of the Marine Corps Reserve. Det 302's T4T program has been successful because of:

  • Behind the Scene - An almost year-long effort ensures the critical three week execution period is successfully conducted.
  • The Nittany Leatherneck's motto - "Valiant service is not limited to combat."
  • Organization Support - The Nittany Leathernecks Detachment sponsors and encourages group organizational support.
Hand Pencil IconAbout the T4T Program

How the Centre County Toys for Tots Program works:
The Nittany Leathernecks serve as the program facilitator. Members rarely interface with actual benefactors of the program. Only on rare occasion does that happen. Working closely with the Centre County Adult Services Office, Pennsylvania State Police Foster Child Program, and the State College Elks Club, the detachment is the conduit for collecting, wrapping, sorting, and logistically delivering toys to the service agencies (noted above) that provide the actual distribution. Needs established by the Centre County Adult Services Office are provided to the detachment. The detachment then provides four items for each child/young adult. These items include toys, books, games, sporting equipment, and other appropriate articles for young adults such as jewelry, watches, radios, backpacks, etc. Generally speaking, two of the four items received will be quality items the child/young adult can particularly enjoy. Each year the annual campaign ensures that over 3000 less-than-fortunate Centre County children enjoy the holiday spirit. The Centre County Toys for Tots campaign accommodates religious protocols (in concert with economic eligibility) for Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Kwanza during the December-January holiday season.

The actual execution of the process takes place in a remarkable two-week time window. Additionally, other social service agencies are provided any leftover toys that remain. To execute the logistics, and also provide a safety net to catch those needy children who may fall through the crack at the last minute, the Nittany Leathernecks have enlisted the help of local fire and police units. Fire companies throughout the county provide transportation from the wrapping/distribution site to the area food banks. The distribution we are talking about includes an average of approximately 14,000 toys each year. Local police units each receive a cache of toys so that any short-notice calls for help can be handled immediately especially, for example, on the eve of Hanukkah or Christmas. The use of police personnel for last minute situations is unique. The Nittany Leathernecks feel it is important for young kids (and parents) in economically disadvantaged homes to develop positive interactions with local law enforcement personnel. Letting police units close the final loop is a unique opportunity to create a positive encounter. It is a win-win situation for all concerned.

Toy Donations:
Each year during the campaign toy donation collection sites are set up throughout the county at various collection points. At these sites, large red collection barrels are made available from Thanksgiving Day until approximately one week before December 25th. Established sites include those noted here. Toy donations should be new, unwrapped toys for infant through young adult (13 and above). Do not waste time wrapping gifts since they will be unwrapped and inspected before being rewrapped and distributed to the supporting food banks or designated distribution organization.

Cash Donations:
Cash donations are always welcome. These donations provide flexibility in terms of filling age/gender shortfall areas that the actual toy donation collection effort fails to cover each year. Traditionally, shortfall areas include infant as well as young adult (13 and above). Checks or money orders are preferred by those desiring to make contributions. Please make checks or money orders out to "Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation". ALL cash donations received by the Nittany Leathernecks are sent to an account held by the national headquarters located at Quantico, Virginia. All (100%) money received by the Nittany Leathernecks goes to the Centre County effort. Checks should/will be annotated with "Nittany Leathernecks Detachment" in the memo section before forwarding to the national foundation in order to ensure they are held for the exclusive benefit of Centre County. The foundation provides accountability and protection to ensure no misuse of the funds occur. Absolutely NO member of the Nittany Leathernecks Detachment receives any personal compensation for his/her effort(s) on behalf of the campaign. All contributions made to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation are tax deductible under the IRS-approved code 501(c)3 "Tax Exempt Organization." The federal identification number (FIN) for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation is 22-3050009.

Wrapping Sessions:
Wrapping sessions are an excellent opportunity for organizations and individuals to participate in the annual Centre County Toys for Tots experience. Wrapping dates are published in the Centre Daily Times and also at the annual kick-off breakfast. The wrapping sessions are critical to the success of the effort, therefore we must adhere to some strict policy notes provided on the Wrapping Procedures webpage.

Penn State Basketball Games:
Each year, the Penn State Athletic Department has identified specific basketball games as Toys for Tots support events. Basketball fans will be admitted at no cost, other than the contribution of a new and unused toy at the entrance gate. The Nittany Leathernecks wish to thank the Penn State Athletic Department for this special support we receive each year.

e-mail Notices:
For electronic event updates and news, we will add you to our e-mail distribution list. Contact Gene Weller:

For those without access to e-mail, please contact Gene Weller by regular mail:

Gene Weller
Centre County Toys for Tots
PO Box 956
Lemont, PA 16851-0956

Be sure to indicate the correct U.S. Postal Service mailing address you desire to have information delivered to. You will receive invitations to the annual kick-off breakfast, as well as announcements regarding wrapping schedules and other news.

AMERISERV 2016       
 Susquehanna Bank 2013
Susquehanna Bank 2012
 Graystone Bank  2011
Nittany Bank 2007
PNC Bank 2006
PNC Bank 2005
PNC Bank 2004
PNC Bank 2003
Shields Motor 2002

Organizational Support Recognition: The Nittany Leathernecks provide certificates of appreciation to individuals and organizations who provide significant support to the program. Additionally, a thank you advertisement is published annually in the Centre Daily Times each year to recognize the dynamic organizational support that has taken place. (Adobe's Acrobat Reader required to view these PDF files. Click HERE to obtain this free software.

2017                    Cael Sanderson                                         Penn State Wrestling Coach
Hand Pencil Icon Past Honorary Chairpersons
       2016    Pat Daugherty    Owner, The Tavern Restaurant            
       2014   Adam  Hartswick  Courageous Centre County Army veteran wounded in Agghanistan
       2013   Dan Weidensaul   Deputy.Assistant Chief of Staff, Advertising MC Recruiting, Owner, Tannenbaum Farm,Centre Hall
       2012    Coquese Washington &    Pat Chambers, Penn State Basketball Coaches
       2011        LtGen (ret) H.P. Osman President, Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
Graham Spanier President, The Pennsylvania State University
Gerry Russell Colonel, USMC (Ret)
Chuck Rider CEO, Rider Auto Inc.
Steve Jones Voice of Penn State Sports, Penn State University
Jim Purdum Director, Hospitality Services, Penn State University
Brad Lunsford District Justice, Centre County
Dan Hawbaker President & CEO G.O. Hawbaker, Inc
Dennis Nau Sheriff, Centre County
Ed Lauth CEO, AquaPenn Spring Water
Candice Dannaker Mayor, Bellefonte
Jerry Dunn Head Coach, Penn State Men's Basketball Team
Sean O'Keefe Penn State Professor & former Secretary of the Navy
Jim Crom Plant Manager, Jostens Printing & Publishing Company
Rene Portland Head Coach, Penn State Lady Lions Basketball Team
Bruce Parkhill Head Coach, Penn State Men's Basketball Team
Bruce Parkhill Head Coach, Penn State Men's Basketball Team
Charles Brown President Judge, Centre County Pennsylvania
David Gardiner President, Cerro Metal Products Company

In Memory of...

Each year the Nittany Leathernecks receive special monetary donations in memory of people who had a special place in their heart for the Centre County Toys for Tots program. To keep the memory of those former supporters alive, we devote this page to their honor...


Centre County Solid Waste Authority - in memory of Charles Snyder
State College Retirees Bowling League - in memory of Charles Snyder
PA Track and Welding - in memory of Charles Snyder
Cathy Vogelgesang - in memory of Charles Snyder
Shirley J. Wittlinger - in memory of Patrick R. Lewis


Centre County Solid Waste Authority - in memory of Charles Snyder
State College Retirees Bowling League - in memory of Charles Snyder
PA Track and Welding - in memory of Charles Snyder
Cathy Vogelgesang - in memory of Charles Snyder
Shirley J. Wittlinger - in memory of Patrick R. Lewis
Robert and Kimberly Lieb - in memory of Budd Brown


Lynn and Immelda Rider - in memory of Alfred "Bud" Brown
John and Linda Files - in memory of Alfred "Budd" Brown
Dean and Dorothy Miller - in memory of Alfred "Budd" Brown
Pequignot Salvage - in memory of Alfred "Budd" Brown
Dennis and Cynthia Miller - in memory of Alfred "Bud" Brown
Josephine Rimmey & Shawnee Scrudders - in memory of Alfred "Bud" Brown


Joseph and Carole Dzvonyicsak - in memory of Donald H. Watson
Dorothy Korman - in memory of Guy H. Korman
Faith and Jeffrey Nelson - in memory of Anna Clodgu
William and Patricia Geis - in memory of Anna Clodgu